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EasyEDA Footprint Naming Rule Reference
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UserSupport 3 years ago
## _Introduction_ Believe that the vast number of electronic engineers will encounter the problem of package/footprint name naming, and now EasyEDA to provide everyone with a reference scheme - "EasyEDA Footprint Naming Rule Reference". Each company should have its own package/footprint naming specification,EasyEDA is no exception, EasyEDA has more than 180,000 of official library (LCSC library), multiple engineers in the construction of package/footprint, more need unified library rules and package/footprint naming rules to ensure library consistency and package/footprint/PCBlib reuse. Written by LCSC engineering department and EasyEDA team, after close one year of running in, now we are very happy to release the "EasyEDA Footprint Naming Rule Reference". EasyEDA has been established according to the new package naming specification PCBlibs for more than half a year, and EasyEDA will continue to draw new library according to this rule. ## _The majority of EasyEDA users can also according to this rule:_ 1\. Find the components of the specified package type; 2\. Create your own or team's or company's package according to this rule; 3\. Quickly reuse the official PCBlib/package/footprint\. ## _Characteristics:_ 1\. The rules of "package type \_ feet number \- body width \- foot distance \- body length \- foot azimuth \- polarity direction \_ series name" are adopted in naming\, so that users can quickly and clearly package most of the information 2\. It covers most common component classification and encapsulation types and can quickly locate and query 3\. Continuously expand new naming rules according to new components or packaging types\, and continuously update and maintain 4\. Public distribution\, free of charge for both individuals and enterprises ## _Disadvantages:_ Titles of some package types are too long ## _Preview:_ ![图片.png](// ![图片.png](// ## _Update record:_ 2019.12.27 First release ## _Download:_ [EasyEDA Footprint Naming Rule Reference.pdf]( ## _Notice:_ It is translated from Chinese to English by web translator, that may some incorrect grammars, if you find out, please let us know. Thanks EasyEDA Team
legrady 2 years ago
Characteristic 1b) should state that body length, body width, and lead span are specified in mm. There should also be a note that dimensions vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer. I looked at a 74HC00, which should be comparable tot he DIP you show here, but found slightly different dimensions: [](
UserSupport 2 years ago
@legrady Hi ![image.png](// this rule will fit most different dimension , the DIP you said can be capable too.
andyfierman 2 years ago
For guidance on PCB Footprint design and their association to Schematic Symbols, please see (2.3) in (2) in: [](
softwarman 2 years ago
``` CRC error = 0, and auto-routing does not start and indicates a board error. What's the matter? ```
andyfierman 1 year ago
@z.azmaiparashvili, Please post your question as a new topic in the appropriate Category (PCB Layout). Board Error may mean that your Board Outline is not closed. Please check it carefully.
moto2016 1 year ago
Hi, Please anyone help me... how can I Export drill chart in easyeda,
andyfierman 1 year ago
@moto2016, Please do not hijack topics. Please post your question as a new topic in the appropriate Category (PCB Layout) and read the Tutorial: [](<br> <br>
UserSupport 1 year ago
@moto2016 Hi EasyEDA doesn't support the DRILL chart, you need to export the Gerber and export the PDF , or export PCB to Altium file, and open at Altium , placing the drill table
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