EasyEDA and JLCPCB have different board outline
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winkleink 1 week ago
For this project the Board Outline in EasyEDA is showing correctly when I do photo view, and when I start to generate the gerber files and it gives a preview of the top of the board., but when I create the Gerber and click through to order from JLCPCB the board outline is no longer corrrect [https://easyeda.com/winkleink/WS2812b-vertical-board](https://easyeda.com/winkleink/WS2812b-vertical-board) In EasyEDA the board is 15.75mm x 9.14mm In JLCPCB the board is 16mm x 19mm The height is not being honored by JLCPBC from EasyEDA UPDATE: I uploaded the Gerber zip to OSH Park for comparison and it too adds to the height of the PCB. Sounds like the problem is at the EasyEDA side.  It may be I've done something wrong in the design of the PCB, but the EasyEDA photo view is showing the board as I wish it to be so strange when it's a Gerber that it becomes different. Update: added images of the PCB layouts Bliue is EasyEda Green is JLCPCB ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/wT2AOEz2lpcEBhurilcdHgOGXNOau8pd31QF2R5n.png) ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/iTtDBN8A0AlDfpNx0lkFhLwIcFKrvsmL8uIujuMc.png) Any thoughts or ideas why this is happening. The goal is for the PCBs to be as small as possible so as not to interfere with the LEDs NOTE: I'm making a small PCB to take a WS2812b RGB LED. The board is double sided but an LED will only be on one side. The idea for the board is that using rods you can make a column of RGB LEDs by alternating the board orientation. All this to let you know the net is definitely wrong. Thanks.
nicole16 1 week ago
Hi Sir , Normally we make pcb as the actual  size .  Would you like to send me  the gerber zip online or via email  ? We will check for you . Thanks
winkleink 1 week ago
@nicole16 Thank you. The link in the original post is to the shared project [https://easyeda.com/winkleink/WS2812b-vertical-board](https://easyeda.com/winkleink/WS2812b-vertical-board) Making it possible to download the zip file directly. In this way it removes the chance that I've messed up the zip file.
winkleink 6 days ago
Used [https://gerber-viewer.easyeda.com](https://gerber-viewer.easyeda.com/) and it's showing the board as per the green image above, so not the required Board Outline. This is the contents of the Gerber_BoardOutline.GKO G04 Layer: BoardOutline* G04 EasyEDA v6.1.41, Wed, 15 May 2019 09:27:04 GMT* G04 cbdf3ea4990b46afb9d22140cdf970d6,fa3fdba951b743e99ad1b36d66d6e1df,10* G04 Gerber Generator version 0.2* G04 Scale: 100 percent, Rotated: No, Reflected: No * G04 Dimensions in inches * G04 leading zeros omitted , absolute positions ,2 integer and 4 decimal * %FSLAX24Y24*% %MOIN*% G90* G70D02* %ADD10C,0.010000*% G54D10* G01X0Y8768D02* G01X6200Y8768D01* G01X6200Y5168D01* G01X0Y5168D01* G01X0Y8768D01* G01X0Y10736D02* G01X6200Y10736D01* G01X6200Y8768D01* G01X0Y8768D01* G01X0Y10736D01* G01X0Y5168D02* G01X6200Y5168D01* G01X6200Y3200D01* G01X0Y3200D01* G01X0Y5168D01* G01X0Y8768D02* G01X0Y5168D01* G01X6200Y8768D02* G01X6200Y5168D01* %LPD*% M00* M02* It look a lot of details for 4 co-ordinates as this board is rectangular
UserSupport 5 days ago
Hi That is because you have using Panelize tool to create the boarder, please close the boarder and try again. we will fix this issue at v6.2 ![图片.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/PpDD728jyq6Ct8lWj1I7LvYCXlrw8p6xdUED0qhK.png)
nicole16 5 days ago
Hi Sir , Pls you remove the redundant yellow lines and remain the small purple outline . I also sent an email to you . Thanks ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/8YAE4bjPJDfDtmMrFIlCsMqs9ek3Nzm4lM6NEiiM.png)
winkleink 5 days ago
Thank you.  Still learning.  Great to see that it was user error.
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