Edge Plating PCB
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jonodug 8 months ago
Good day I have an application where I am needing to edge plate the edge of my PCB. So far what I have done is to place Through-hole plated slots along the edge of my board. This looks like it will work alone the straight but where there is a curve which I need to follow is going to be too many slots to achieve the desired curve. I have looked through setting as was hoping to find something that io could just place a copper region along the edge of the board and just specify plating. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this in EasyEDA. I have a public project "touch plate" Jono
UserSupport 8 months ago
Please try this way? ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/qJLWhcuYSE7zwOylqp13kEyuxnT5ccZJoPSlIbIK.png)
jonodug 8 months ago
@UserSupport Thank you for Response In the image below you will see I have already done something similar with the slots. Now as much as this works for the long straight sides. I am hoping for as smooth and need edge as possible so multi holes will not give this finish. In the image, I have drawn a straight line next to the curved board edge to show the Curve better. I would need a few slot hole s to achieve this is there not a better way to get a smooth curved edge finish  ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/wyuh8BY30pMf2niVZFrGyprPvUDhWHVjS45wfJXN.png)
Fred 6 months ago
@jonodug Hi Jonodug, did you find a solution for your curved plated edge issue, I have the same question. Dont you think that a doc layer rect, defining the plated area over the curved border outline, could be ok ?
jonodug 5 months ago
@fred.agscom Hi Fred no I did not find a solution that worked within easy eda. I ended up changing to an Aluminum part and connecting to my PCB with a bolt.
MikeDB 5 months ago
For anybody else thinking along these lines, I'd suggest looking for a Plan B.  We we looked at something very similar to this in the 1970s and whilst PCB technology has advanced, the laws of physics haven't and it's almost impossible to persaude the plating to attach to the side of the board where there is no surface tension to help it.  In the end we used copper foil wrapped around the board and bolted on.
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