Edge Plating PCB
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jonodug 2 months ago
Good day I have an application where I am needing to edge plate the edge of my PCB. So far what I have done is to place Through-hole plated slots along the edge of my board. This looks like it will work alone the straight but where there is a curve which I need to follow is going to be too many slots to achieve the desired curve. I have looked through setting as was hoping to find something that io could just place a copper region along the edge of the board and just specify plating. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this in EasyEDA. I have a public project "touch plate" Jono
UserSupport 2 months ago
Please try this way? ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/qJLWhcuYSE7zwOylqp13kEyuxnT5ccZJoPSlIbIK.png)
jonodug 2 months ago
@UserSupport Thank you for Response In the image below you will see I have already done something similar with the slots. Now as much as this works for the long straight sides. I am hoping for as smooth and need edge as possible so multi holes will not give this finish. In the image, I have drawn a straight line next to the curved board edge to show the Curve better. I would need a few slot hole s to achieve this is there not a better way to get a smooth curved edge finish  ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/wyuh8BY30pMf2niVZFrGyprPvUDhWHVjS45wfJXN.png)
Fred 1 week ago
@jonodug Hi Jonodug, did you find a solution for your curved plated edge issue, I have the same question. Dont you think that a doc layer rect, defining the plated area over the curved border outline, could be ok ?
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