Error In size in a lot of libs
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I'm designing my first PCB ever in easyEDA and i'm facing a weird issue which I believe it is from the tool.or I am missing something. I noticed this problem with many libs in easyEDA for example:C136005 the real size of this component is 6x3mm even on the thumbnail on lcsc the size is 6x3mm when I place the component in easyEDA it is huge,aproximatly twice its size,this happened to me in a lot tantalum capacitors (pretty much all of the ones I tried) but other than those capacitor the other compnenents are fine in size. here is a screenshot of the measurement of the component 10.16mm instead of 6mm which is also written on the package (case) is that package in imperial not metric (which I believe is not the case) since I can't find smaller ones only the huge ones. I'm remaking a PCB in hand so I measure all the component by hand the size matters for me since the design should be exactly like the PCB ![easyEDA.jpg](// Thanks
UserSupport 5 months ago
Hi This part seems correct, our package will make it bigger to fit the hand soldering. ![image.png](//
What if I want to disable this feature.because this PCB  has very small parts that can't be solered by hand I will use stencil and I want it to be as compact as possible how can I remove those padding ?
UserSupport 5 months ago
It fixed now, if system lib isn't satisfy your requirement, you can re-update a package for it. [](
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