Error due simulation: unknown subckt
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tserj 3 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: Steps to reproduce bug: trying to do simulation or 1. find uc3843an in "other libs" tab and apply to new file with "ground" 2. run simulation Results: unknown subckt: xu2 xu2_8 0 0 xu2_4 0 0 xu2_7 xu2_8 uc3843an Expected results: simulation start Url: Browser: Chrome 39.0.2171.71
tserj 2014-12-24 21:57:07
uc3843A XU2 XU2_8 GND GND XU2_4 GND GND XU2_7 XU2_8 UC3843AN V2 XU2_7 GND 12 R1 R1_1 XU2_8 10k C1 XU2_4 R1_1 4.7n .param pi = 3.141593 .func LIMIT(x, y, z) {min(max(x, min(y, z)), max(z, y))} .func PWR(x,a) {(MAX(ABS(x), 1e-313))**a} .func PWRS(x,a) {sgn(x) * PWR(x,a)} .func stp(x) {u(x)} .func log10(x) {ln(x)/ln(10)} .func SQRT(x) {(MAX(x, 1e-313))**0.5} .func INT(x) {sgn(x)*floor(ABS(x))} .func URAMP(x) {max(x,0)} .func POW(x,a) + {(((a-(int(a)))==0)||(sgn(x)>=0))*( max(exp(ln(uramp(x))*a),0) + + (2*(0.5-ABS((int(a))-2*int(a/2))))*max(exp(ln(uramp(-1*x))*a),0) )} .control tran 1u 1m 0 quit .endc .END
andyfierman 2014-12-25 01:40:44
Sorry tserj, but this is not a bug. The problem is that the symbol in the library is a passive, schematic only symbol. It does not have a spice model associated with it. At present there is no spice model for the UC384x family of converters in the library.
tserj 2014-12-25 03:14:21
Hi andyfierman, Thanks for the reply. There are many kinds of spice model formats. Does it, below, compatible with Easyeda and can be added to the library?
andyfierman 2014-12-25 06:07:50
Hi tserj, The models you have found are tailored for LTspice and use some of the special features of that version of spice (the tripdt argument and one or two others). It would be possible to edit the model to make it ngspice compatible but it would take a while to test the resultant model. I have a UC3843 model which started out being written to be 3f5 spice compatible but which for a number of reasons also ended up being LTspice specific. However, it may be quicker to edit this back into an ngspice compatible model. I will let you know when it is available but that won't be until the new year now.
tserj 2014-12-25 12:48:42
Thank you for you help andyfierman! I will wait for this model.
andyfierman 2015-01-29 01:46:38
Tserj, I expect the Easyeda UC3843EE model to be available in a week or two.
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