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Export BOM is broken on the pro version
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onyx63670 4 days ago
As of 2 days ago, we can no longer export our BOM to lcsc, it fails every time and just opens the page with no data at all! ![Capture d'écran 2023-09-17 154016.png](//![Capture d'écran 2023-09-17 154038.png](// ![image.png](//
onyx63670 4 days ago
This affects all my sessions on all my PCs, no matter the operating system or web navigator @UserSupport
haidy_easyeda 4 days ago
Hello,  Thanks for contacting us and sorry for keeping you waiting.  What is the version number of the professional version you are using? If it is not 2.0.32, please upgrade your system. If updating the system does not solve the problem, can you send some screenshots and your project files to this email address? [](,<span class="size"></span> I look forward to hearing from you!<span class="size"></span> <span class="size"></span>
haidy_easyeda 3 days ago
Hello, we have fixed this problem. I'm really sorry for the trouble. Please try again~~
onyx63670 3 days ago
yes it works now! Thank you.
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