Export of small PCB trouble
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Virkom 2 months ago
I have trouble with export of small PCB (to pdf/png/svg, it does not matter). Width of my PCB is something like 14.5 mm: ![Screenshot_20180710_000040.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/Mpn7MDy0L2WLRnQO8FHWKfL6DXNjwivoejSl8urB.png) But if I try to export it I get bigger size than I need: ![P80710-000617.jpg](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/jJsPs6Xz004h7qKD8EJk1hDqrDfmLxOSBD4yQ72w.jpeg) My PCB have 19mm width. In GIMP after cropping you can see 18.29mm: ![Screenshot_20180710_001233.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/PWUwgaAC416SkRjd09rO2zgYVSYbVn3x3ujxBDGy.png) But I need 14.5mm... How can I do it?
andyfierman 2018-07-10 06:06:44
I can confirm that there is a problem with PNG and SVG export. I made a simple test PCB of 145mm x 55mm and then exported it as a PNG with x1 scaling. If I then open the PNG in Gimp and measure it, the long side is greater than 145mm: ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/1XSuSFjx92MXIZabE8gNVb0lP9EjYdfyE4q1TDMx.png) ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/HpL7peYU7GJ8NvPs3lhYFZK9KDaR8BlP4JJt2ydF.png) The short side is longer by a similar factor. ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/31Cl9AUjQt9mclKZ7puAEtCzaCPiafNo4z7xMn53.png) If I export as SVG with x1 scaling then the error is worse: ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/SYFDcIopVzZCOV6FaAebfter7bpscvzdY0pxxGph.png) ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/RUMv2TFDMcY10qMWDMQRMh2segkxx8SvqHVrNjBD.png) However, if I export a PDF with 1:1 scaling then the dimensions as measured in Gimp are correct: ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/RYLkblqrl68ipZ3zyZn4NnVGo3zeslCarJ5TckPd.png) ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/oJ91N10fBsA1hMj7W0hI3AUWi0UTXErGtfntGPe7.png)
andyfierman 2018-07-10 06:11:34
@Virkom: you may have a problem in the scaling in your printer driver when you print out a PDF but that is a printer driver settings issue, not an EasyEDA bug. There does seems to be a bug in the generation of the PNG and SVG files. * BTW: are you aware that you can order low cost, professional quality PCBs directly from EasyEDA?
Virkom 2018-07-10 07:38:28
@[andyfierman:](https://easyeda.com/andyfierman) it seems like EasyEDA bug because I've checked printer driver settings before printing. Also my pdf file has incorrect scale in GIMP too. I don't know why your example has correct dimensions. Open PDF (1:1) file: ![Screenshot_20180710_022718.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/gnrYnhgA013tIQT1brNN1t5Y5PHwa9HVc8h7hVgW.png) Import from PDF: ![Screenshot_20180710_022751.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/2LTKtYmmxTr7eAOM66C2QjoWb809WAYKNG87ouzp.png) Width is 19mm: ![Screenshot_20180710_023259.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/r8gWPfhfalTL4G5blXRpWaKMzbR5ynjNCAmdEWFN.png) GIMP 2.8.20. Sorry for my russian UI but I hope you'll understand what I try to show. Yes, I know JLCPCB service. But: 1\. Now I need only one copy of this PCB\. Minimum order in JLCPCB is 5 PCBs\. 2\. I want to do it myself\. 3\. I need to do it very fast\. I have no time to wait for delivery\.
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