F12 + Delete = Sucks to be you?
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Patrick Hansen 3 months ago
I was just creating a quick schematic for a first year student, went to delete a component and (due to butter fingers i guess) hit F12 a split second before hitting delete (the buttons are situated next to eachother on this machine). EasyEDA being browser-based (Why is the desktop version a browser?) F12 opened the dev/debug menu of the browser, in the elements tab. Delete then, well, deleted the default-selected Body of the html, leaving me with a blank page. After this, i couldn't find any other path than to force a shutdown of EasyEDA, loosing all progress since i had not saved and running autosave isn't on by default. I did not loose anything important, nor anything i had spent a meaningful amount of time on, and i realize that it is sort of an edge case (F12 and delete in such close proximity, butterfingers and unsaved progress) but it seems flawed that a user can (temporarily) delete the entire GUI with a 2-button mistake
vlrm.prjct 3 months ago
Ahoi Patrick, it is not a bug, it depends on your keyboard layout not on EasyEDA or browser application. For the next time use the context-menu on a right click and hit "Reload" :) ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/QdhH4oCRKyxMm6U4qxXhDBfQRYbSnbWIh5kZI0nF.png)
Patrick Hansen 1 month ago
@tmeschke Ah i see, thank you!
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