Fabrication Output not working
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fatboyatdesk 4 years ago
All of a sudden now when I press the Fabrication Output button ( or choose it from the menu). I get no response. The previous action I did was to add a copper pour ground layer. Can't save either. Anyone else experience this ?
support 4 years ago
Hi, EasyEDA will prevent to export gerber if you have a copper area. you have two options, 1. press `SHIFT+B` to build all copper area auto. 2. save your design, close it and open it again, it will build the copper area auto. comment back if you are on trouble.
fatboyatdesk 4 years ago
Hmm, well I opened in Explorer and things got better vs Firefox. Tweaked a via that seemed to be removed possibly by me or possibly during the copper and all seems well. I currently have the copper area and can export. Thanks for the response. Still liking the product. Allan
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