Fabrication Output says 6 layers but I have only 4

  amsgomes_9956, 2 months ago

Hi created a PCB with top, bottom, top silk, bottom silk, inner 1 and inner 2. However when get to fabrication output it generates a 6 layers quote which gives around 164 USD, while the 4 layers is 32USD, when I correct n# of layers by myself. I would like to know if this is a bug and I can trust after I correct to 4 layers in the fabrication output ?





1) Please check the setting in your Layer Options... to ensure that you do not have inner layers 3 and 4 ticked:

enter image description here

2) Please also check your Gerber files form the Fabrication output to ensure that they do not have inner layers 3 and 4.

After carrying out these two checks, please post back to this Bug Report with your findings.



Hi Andy.

After I deselect inner 3 and 4, the fabrication output seems to generated only inner 1 e inner 2, which is Ok. I used https://gerber-viewer.easyeda.com and checked the gerber zip file. I noticed 2 files, gerber-drill.g1 and gerber-drill.g2, and I suppose these corresponds to 2 layers only (inner ones), so it seems that everything is fine.

Sorry, I did not know that I must go to Miscellaneous and Layers settings. I thought that fabrication output automatically detect the number of layers.

Thank you and



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