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First time user - Feature requests / Bug reports
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Jimseyed 1 month ago
Hi, thanks for the great software! I've been using it over the last few months after trying most of the other options out there. As a beginner, I find it much easier to use. The LCSC search and import with 3D models is excellent. Just a few simple UI changes that I think would make things much easier. These are bugs as they are abnormal behaviour in my opinion: * When left mouse button dragging anything, right click should cancel. (This would be the most helpful, it's very easy to drag the wrong item by mistake and the only way to go back is to undo) * When using middle mouse button held down to scroll, moving outside the window locks the mouse to the page and requires a click inside the window to release. (This should behave the same as right mouse button drag) These are features I'd like to see added in future: * The Library search should have more columns to make sorting easier. (Through Hole or SMD, Package Type, Number of pins, etc) * A way to filter the parts by Standard vs Extended parts for SMD assembly. (It has the feature on the JLCPCB parts web page, but not in the app) Thanks, Jim
UserSupport 1 month ago
Hi You can try Pro edition
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