Footprint Manager broken: Workspace components does not link.
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koosjr 2 weeks ago
Quite a problem all of a sudden. I see that with cutom PCB Libs and SCH Libs, there was a rename from "personal" to "workspace" This morming, I found it impossible to link a new package to a component from my custom PCB libs. It does show the components, but when I click Update, it does not want to update. However, Update does work with all of the other categories. ![image.png](// ![image.png](//
UserSupport 2 weeks ago
please make sure you have selected a part at left side, it works good at my side. ![image.png](//
koosjr 1 week ago
Thanks, it works, but.... I t never worked that way before. One never had to specifically select the part on the LH side. This is the kind of things where you should not change the behaviour of the software. It is confusing.
koosjr 1 week ago
Always before, if you clicked on the component in the editor, the component was selected. Not it is not the case anymore. This should be rectified please.
MikeDB 1 week ago
Agree it has changed, and like koosjr I think it was better before
nickcresswell 1 week ago
Having the same issue - suddenly it's like all my circuit diagrams are locked Agree with koosjr and MikeDB - this behavior is highly confusing and frustrating
koosjr 6 days ago
UserSupport, Could you please have a look at this? This is confusing behavior. If it is a bug, correct it, if it was a deliberate change, then what were you thinking?
UserSupport 4 days ago
@koosjr It will be fixed at next release in this week
koosjr 3 days ago
@UserSupport , Thanks a lot!
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