Footprint manager Batch Update not working
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andyfierman 1 year ago
Do Convert to PCB with package pin numbering problems. Get: ![image.png]( * **So there are 8 Footprints to correct.** Click **Check the Packages**: ![image.png](// SHIFT+left-click in the left column to select all the affected packages: ![image.png](// ![image.png](// Update all the Pin numbers to be the same as the Pad Numbers then click **Update**: ![image.png](// Press **Cancel** after the Update box pops up and clears in the bottom left corner of the browser window. Click Check packages again: ![image.png]( * **Note that only one Footprint has been updated: there are still 7 left to be updated!** ![image.png](// This is confirmed by closing the Footprint Manager and Packages Verification boxes then saving the Schematic and trying to Convert to PCB again, shows that there are still 7 Footprnts to correct: ![image.png](//
tobalt 2 weeks ago
This is still not resolved. I just had to go through the following painful experience: I route a board with many LEDs. Then I realize that most of the LED footprints are actually wrongly assigned to their schematic symbols - anode and cathode swapped (this is another bug). So I wanted to assign the swapped pins to all LEDs via footprint manager. I select all affected LEDs and update pin 2->1 and pin 1->2. I press Update. Only one LED gets updated. In the end it was faster for me to delete all LEDs but one, fix this single LED and paste it many times and then manually reposition it into the PCB ..
UserSupport 2 weeks ago
@tobalt please edit the symbol in Library, and then update all component via Design - Update all components from Library footprint manager update pins number will fail sometime when modify in batch
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