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  FrankCA, 3 months ago

Feature Request

Brief title for your desired feature: Allocate more space to component/net lists in design manager box.

How would you like the feature to work? In Design Manager view in both schematic and pcb editors there is a space below the Components/Nets/DRC errors (PCB only) lists reserved for Parts pins or Net pins lists. This area is large in relation to the amount of information it normally contains. Usually there are many more components or nets in a design than pins on a single component or in a single net. There is not enough space allocated for components/nets lists even in smallish designs making it necessary for the component or net list to be scrolled, with a lot of empty space below the list that could be used to show more components or nets in the list. The pins list area should be resizable by being able to move the horizontal separator up or down with the mouse, or if thats not possible it should be reduced to a fraction of its current size and the space allocated to the components/nets lists! I would rather have to scroll the pins list (which I seldom use) to having to always scroll the components or nets lists (which I often use - its a useful feature).

Why is this feature important to you? Essemtial GUI improvement for making EasyEDA more user friendly and reduce scrolling/clicking annoyance!



add this bookmarklet:



Hi , Yes, We have added this in todo list, it will be fix in the future, thank you.

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