Gerber Viewer Appears to be Broken

  garrettwfails, 3 months ago

The Gerber Viewer appears to be broken - when submitting manually I get errors like "Unexpected JSON at Position 4", and when submitting through the PCB order form it times out when attempting to render the gerber. I've tried with both new and previously ordered boards, so at a minimum the previously ordered files should be OK.



You can order them, when we have problems ,will email back



Are you seeing this issue for Gerbers generated by tools other than EasyEDA?

The EasyEDA Gerber Viewer works OK for me with Gerbers generated from EasyEDA projects.

You could try opening and checking your Gerbers using gerbv:


@andyfierman It seems to have been a temporary error - I was able to submit and view an order successfully last night. For Reference, I was trying to upload gerbers generated by Eagle, using a CAM profile I pulled from the forums here at some point in the past.

Everything seems to be OK now. Can consider it closed.

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