Grouped text objects seem bugged
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Maarten Farkas 1 year ago
I am relatively new to EasyEda's PCB layout designer, so there may likely be a very obvious solution to my problem. I've been designing a 555 timer Stylophone, and decided to label the keys to their corresponding notes (C4 to A5 in my case). I made separate text objects, and noticed that they seemed to move when I changed the text. No problem, I thought, so I just made all the labels, selected all of them and grouped them together, so I could move them all at the same time. That turned out to be a mistake. Now when I hover over one of them, they all get highlighted as normal, but when I click, only that one gets selected. I cannot select them by dragging, so after ctrl-clicking them individually, I can't ungroup them, as the designer attempts to group them together again. After that I simply tried to delete them, but they are now immune to that too. So now I'm stuck with a bunch of separate text objects I can't delete or get rid of in any way I can think of. Is there any way to remedy this?
andyfierman 1 year ago
There probably is a very simple solution to your problem but your project is private so nobody can see what the issue might be to help you. :)
cjohnson 1 year ago
I was completely unaware of the group/ungroup capabilities in EasyEDA. Looks like this isn't very feature complete. I was able to replicate what you did though and it's not too hard to fix. Go to the Design Manager in the left pane, expand the components folder. Find the name of the text object group you created. Then right click anywhere on the board and select Find Similar Objects... Change the Kind to Component then select Same on prefix and type in the group prefix from the first step. Click Find and it will select the group. You can either move them as a whole by using the arrow keys or hit the delete key and start over.
cjohnson 1 year ago
@cjohnson Also, while that component group is selected you can hit the Group/Ungroup which will separate them back out. I think for your case you are better off using the Horizontal/Vertical alignment tools in the top toolbar and the distribute array tool.
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