Guitar pedal frequency response

  FReynecke, 2 weeks ago

Hi Guys.

I've made a schematic. The simulation runs with no errors. what I'm trying to do is run a frequency sweep to see what the frequency response is of a sine wave played through it.

The problem is that when I run an AC analysis, it shows 0V for both volume probes.

Any tips?

Here is a link to the project. I made it public. I hope that means you can see it.



The link to your project was missing from your post:

  • The problem is that you have chosen a schematic symbol for the 741 that does not have a simulation model assocated with it.

  • Please choose:

SHIFT+F > System Components > Spice Simulation > Spice Miscellaneous > uA741

  • Please also read (3) in:



@components Thanks for the response. I tried a couple of the uA741 chips from the search but it still does the same. I'll read through the resources you suggested first tonight before querying further.

Thanks for adding the link. Cheers!


@andyfierman Cool, I'll check them out. Thanks!

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