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Help with PCB
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PHollyer 4 months ago
I need assistance with a segment of my PCB. Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated! I need to incorporate an ACS712 (30 AMP) and a 5 volt controlled 30 Amp Relay (120 V) Ideally this would start with a 12x2 Wire coming into screw terminals, Hot lead flowing through the ACS712 and on into the Relay, where Relay is normally Closed (Power ON), and when Activate Switched to OPEN or OFF. ![CIRCUIT.png](//
andyfierman 4 months ago
@phollyer, Your project is private so only you can see it. Sorry but you need to give more information about your application for others to be able to offer safe and constructive advice. Without this you are asking people to guess your intentions and possibly offer incorrect, unhelpful or contradictory advice. This is particularly important since you are switching potentially lethal voltages. For example, you are switching an unspecified (is it DC or AC? RMS or peak? What frequency?) 120V Live feed through the board via a device with no link to a datasheet and an unspecified relay but are also connecting the 120V Neutral to the board with no apparent through connection which begs to question of why the Neutral connection needs to be on the PCB and therefore how it should be designed and routed. <br> Please read: [](<br> <br> and post back with supporting information such as some sort of Design Requirements Specificaton, a How It Works document and links to device datasheets and a public project that illustrates your requirements.
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