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phildefer 5 years ago
**BUG** Concise problem statement: I am having a problem where 2 components (pots) show up in the BOM list as well in Design Manager. However when I select the part in the design manager, it is no where to be found (no parts are highlight on the diagram). I can see the components at the bottom right of the canvas in my projects summary, howvwe cannot select them and delete them Steps to reproduce bug: 1. 2. 3. Results: Expected results: Browser:
dillon 5 years ago
Hi, Can you give us an image?
andyfierman 5 years ago
It used to be that EasyEDA would let you place or move components outside the defined area of the canvas. It does not allow that any more but it is possible that the XY co-ordinates of your pots have somehow got corrupted and they are now off the canvas. Another possibility is that the width and/or height of the canvas has been corrupted and parts that were placed on the original canvas area are now outside it because the width and/or height of the canvas has been reduced. You cannot do this via the EasyEDA GUI but it is possible that the EasyEDA Source file has been corrupted. These could result in the problem you are seeing. ***Based on my experiences from before the GUI stopped you placing parts off the canvas area, here are some things to try:*** * What happens when you do **Fit to Window**? * If you click on the canvas and do **CTRL+A** and then drag the whole selected block around, can you move the hidden components into view? * Do the hidden components appear in the canvas? * What happens if you make the canvas area much bigger (Canvas Attribues > Width/Height) and do the same thing?
phildefer 5 years ago
I did select the "hidden" components from the Design Manager and clicked the "X" in the top menu bar. They seem to be gone now. Thanks for your help! Happy Holidays!
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