Hole for Antenna not connecting
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latheefth 3 months ago
I am doing PCB with a GSM Module. I have U.FL connector shown on the schematic so it shows the connection JP1_2. But If  I try to  insert a hole for antenna (incase U-FL doesnt come)  as below, the track does not connect. How do I make it work? I am not sure how to show this on Schematic for it to be taken to PCB. ![image.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/79aZyTs3LhVa9YyEVU9iOoXy35Vj7r6zp9ApyJvu.png) Thanks!
deskpro256 3 months ago
Hi, you see the hole for the antenna has a different Net (S$3527) and the U.FL connector trace has a different Net(JP1_2). It won't allow you to do it like that. If something is an integral part of the PCB, it should also be in the schematic. If you later change something, the pad added in the PCB layout could disappear and you'll be left out in the rain with a "bad PCB by JLCPCB, they took our pads!"  :D First of all, I would suggest that you add that pad for the antenna in the schematic, use just some 1 pin header from the standard library, connect it to the U.FL and then do update PCB. Then the pad will have the same net and you will be able to connect them without problems. Draw the track from the left component with the JP1\_2 pad to the right component with the JP1\_2 pad and then put the pad for the antenna\. Also align the components so the trace is straight\, you don't want to ruin your antenna by having misalignments\. There probably is a tutorial post by Andy, which most likely he will point to, and you should read it, it will save you the hassle down the road. Also this is a tremendous help: [[Must read] How to ask for help and get an answer.](https://easyeda.com/forum/topic/How-to-ask-for-help-and-get-an-answer-71b17a40d15442349eaecbfae083e46a) Hope that helps! Happy routing!
latheefth 3 months ago
Thanks for your help!
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