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Dutzu 7 months ago
Hi guys, Maybe this is a stupid questions or maybe is was already discussed...if so, I apologize. How do I place a hole in a pad if I want the pad only on one layer? If I want to add a new pad (even in a old project),I can only set a hole if the pad is on "all layers". What am I doing wrong? Thank you very much, Alexandru
dillon 2018-02-14 12:05:12
In this way, maybe you can place a copper + soldermask on the one layer, then add a hole.
Dutzu 2018-02-14 15:02:12
@dillon So it's not possible anymore to create one layer pads like in the picture below? I don't always work with copper planes...![example][1] [1]: /editor/20180214/5a83deda04914.png
Dutzu 2018-02-16 20:14:16
Hello again guys. Please if you have some time, explain why did you turned a such a nice feature into a drawback? It is very frustrating to upgrade an old project by copying and paste one layer PADs, just because you can't create them anymore (not so professional). The second thing is that I have now two useless (not editable) parameters in the "Pad properties" bar (see attached picture) if I'm working only on one layer. Am I able to downgrade my EasyEDA version, so I can work like I used to? ![enter image description here][1] Thank you for your understanding and for you efforts, Alexandru [1]: /editor/20180216/5a86cb0da0243.png
andyfierman 2018-02-19 20:54:44
Hi Alexandru, Some comments. * If you are working with only one layer then you can design the PCB on the Top or Bottom layer using pads defined as `All Layers` and just state on your PCB order that the PCB is to be single layer with copper on the Top or Bottom layer as required. For your double sided (or more layers) PCBs, it is not clear from your post if you are trying to create a copper area with a copper-free area inside it or if you are trying to create a copper area with a hole through the PCB inside it. * If you want to define an area of copper with a pad around it but no copper in the centre and no hole through the PCB then you can either use the `Arc` tools to define a circle of copper of some width and radius or simply place a `Solid Region` defined as `Cutout` in a single layer pad or a copper area to create an area with no copper. * If you want to define an area of copper with a pad around it on one layer but no copper in the centre and have a hole through the PCB then you can place a single layer pad and then place a `Hole` inside it. As long as there is no copper on the same net on the other side of the board (or any inner layers) which the hole passes through then the single layer pad will not be connected to any other copper however, I am not sure if it will still be through plated. You would need to contact Support directly to clarify that point. EasyEDA is designed to produce 2 or more layer PCBs. As such, a pad with a hole will automatically be through plated to join the pads on the top an bottom layers. A pad on a single layer will automatically be interpreted as a top or bottom layer Surface Mount pad: i.e. it will have no hole in it. From this point of view, a pad on a single layer with a hole in it must be interpreted as a through plated pad on all layers. A single layer pad with a copper-free area in it is different from a pad with a hole in it because the concept of a `hole` is a hole drilled hole through the PCB, not a copper-free area. * However, I agree that the way it is implemented at present should either be tidied up to remove the redundant parameters or simply revert to the way it was done in the earlier versions.
Dutzu 2018-02-21 16:02:55
@andyfierman Thank you very much for your answer. I understand what you mean by this "hole concept" and it makes sense, but currently I have two major problems (or maybe frustrations)...one is technical specific and the other is more general: 1. I have some old projects in work, that were started in an earlier EasyEDA version (when I was able to create **one layer** PADs). Now I have to redefine some of the custom components and to update them with the **all layer** PADs...that means that on the other layer, some copper "rings" will appear and will reduce the space budget (it is easier to place traces between empty holes than between holes with unused copper rings). 2. If I'm not using EasyEDA for a long period of time and then I decide to continue working on some project, I have to relearn the menu and to get used with all the new changes...that is why I find very useful a downgrade possibility. Thank you very much for you effort, guys! I really appreciate what you are doing and I hope you understand my issue. Best regards, Alexandru
jtelect 2018-03-02 21:19:44
+1 Observing same issue. I've just discovered no single layer pads with holes. Many of my old component designs are now useless. I don't know if I can revise an old pcb without having to completely rework it. I think this change is a BIG step backwards IMHO.
Dutzu 2018-09-04 17:24:49
@jtelect Hi, it seams that we have to do the double work for the old projects...:-/ It's frustrating because this very useful feature was available in the previous (early) versions... :-( I wish you good luck! Alexandru
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