How to Cover pad with solder mask
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lynxlabeling 6 days ago
I want to make a touchpad without any copper exposed.  If I create a circular pad, EasyEDA will automatically pull the solder mask away from the pad. I know I can specify keep-away areas to pull the solder mask away manually. My question is - is there a way to add solder mask instead of just removing (pulling it away)? The purpose, of course, is to cover the pad with solder mask.
phamduyscb 6 days ago
MikeDB 3 days ago
Just go to the top solder mask layer and delete any areas you don't want exposed
lynxlabeling 1 day ago
I appreciate the suggestions, but I don't think I can apply them to my case wherein I use a footprint pad. To wit, here is a screenshot: ![image.png](// If it is not possible using a pad, what is the best alternative?
andyfierman 23 hours ago
@lynxlabeling, A similar question came up earlier today that made me try a few things about removing solder mask apertures over pads and the answer seems to be that you cannot. You can add an aperture over an area to expose the copper or bare substrate but you cannot remove an aperture created to expose a pad. Therefore your only option is to replace the pads you wish to have covered with solder mask with Solid Regions. A number of slightly clunky options: 1. If you use the Edit points you can approximate a circle with a polygon. 2. The same as (1) but then enclose the polygon with a circle that overlaps the edges to give it a round outer edge. 3. Better still, just use the circle tool but set the routing width to just greater than the radius of the disc that you want to create. Then draw the circle so that the outer diameter is that of the disc but the hole in the centre of the circle is closed by overlapping track. Probably easiest to temporarily place an actual pad in the right location but on the opposite side of the board (so it's a different colour and easy to then delete afterwards) then draw the circle over it adjusting it to get the right diameter and  position.
LCSC 22 hours ago
BTW: this is the other post I referred to: [](
andyfierman 22 hours ago
Sorry to confuse: I was using an LCSC login when I replied above.
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