How to create PCB insert side of a FH26W-13S-0.3SH
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vogong 3 months ago
Hi , hoping someone can give me a hand. I need to create a pcb that connects to a mainboard using FH26W-13S-0.3SH connector. So basically a stiffened flexible pcb that inserts into a FH26W-13S-0.3SH. How do i do the layout to make sure the connection is correct. <br> Thank you
andyfierman 3 months ago
**New  > Schematic**; **SHIFT+F**; Search for FH26W-13S-0.3SH; ![image.png](// Select and place FH26W-13S-0.3SH in you schematic; Connect it up to other symbols in you schematic; Do Essential Schematic checks (4) in (2) in: [](<br> <br> Do **Convert to PCB...** Route PCB by connecting Ratlines using copper Track tool; Do Essential PCB Checks (6) in (2) in: [](<br> <br> Generate and check Gerbers; Submit board for fab by JLCPCB. <br> <br> <br> <br>
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