How to create a Spice component with the SUBCKT model embedded?
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jmgonet 1 week ago
Hi, I've designed this circuit for simulation (find the circuit here []( The simulation runs as I intended, but I had to place a big text area with the content of the .SUBCKT model in the schematics. Actually, there are two active components in the: * The BC547C, which exist in the System Library an Spice Component, and I could directly use in my circuit. * The IB9343, which doesn't exist. So I took the "GENERIC SPICE .SUBCKT PMOSFET SYMBOL (ENHANCEMENT)" from the System Library, then I changed the model name, and I pasted the .SUBCKT file that I downloaded from Infineon. So this is my question: How can I create a new "Spice Component" and embed the .SUBCKT model in it, so I (or anyone) can use it without further manipulation, just like the BC547C? Regards,   Jean-Michel ![easyeda-spice-component-simulation-subckt.png](//
andyfierman 1 week ago
If you study the sections on Device Models and on Schematic symbols: prefixes and pin numbers, this explains ways to do what you want. To make a permanent part please post a link to the spice model and I'll build a symbol and put the model in the system library. :)
andyfierman 6 days ago
There are now spice symbols with associated spice subckts for: [IRLRU9343]( [IRLIB9343]( in the library.
andyfierman 6 days ago
jmgonet 6 days ago
Wow, thank you! That was helpful. I'm impressed: each time I had a problem with simulation, there you were to help me out. Best regards,   Jean-Michel.
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