How to obtain subcircuit tried Library Loader
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manoa343 7 months ago
[https://easyeda\.com/editor\#id=9ffb0038b31a4f9d89d6968a54cbaecd\|9cd99cf72f294c9a98c4be4424b9c7f6\|ce04f847dd1b446984ed6c8a9a238a83]( I got the parts from Library Loader into the library.  Why Can't I simulate. Can someone please help :c it says part not found for MCP, but I library loaded it just like the IRF part and the IRF part is able to simulate.  Sorry, I just made the file public. I am trying to get the components MCP73832T-2DCI_OT and IRF7526D1TRPBF to simulate a DC voltage in the battery charging circuit above.  A battery is placed at the 3.75 DC Voltage source.  I am just trying to get a voltage probe to see the voltage at the output in different scenarios(5V source connected or not).
andyfierman 7 months ago
Please read (3) in (2) in: [](
andyfierman 7 months ago
You have not provided any information about which parts your query is about. Your project is private so only you can see it. Please read: []( and then read: []( (i.e. (3) in (2) as advised above) in particular: []( Then post back to see if we can help with the particular models you may require. Please note that the simulation tutorial is being updated for LTspice compatibility. If you work through the earlier examples which have been updated, that should give you a good enough idea of how to work the rest of them but feel free to post back with any questions about specific examples in there.
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