How to open on easyeda?
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EBCLR 2 weeks ago
I have a Chinese friend whop wanna share a schematic with me from [https://lceda\.cn/editor\#id=f83e4e2957894c63aa6d0b0ba829b1d8\|302e033079844936be5ed4e8824d9af0](|302e033079844936be5ed4e8824d9af0) How Can I open that file without a Chinese mobile phone?
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
Seems to open ok for me an a UK Android phone...
JLCPCBsupport 1 week ago
Hello; The schematic has already a Chinese text and texts of the schematic can't be automatically translated. If the whole editor is Chinese then you need to set the language for your editor as showing in the following picture : ![Editor language setup.png](//
EBCLR 4 days ago
Let me remake the question How can I order a board on JLCPCB from [https://lceda\.cn/editor\#id=f83e4e2957894c63aa6d0b0ba829b1d8\|302e033079844936be5ed4e8824d9af0]( Without having a Chinese mobile number, ? I have a easyeda account , But I can't register to [](  to order the board, And I don't know how to transfer the project from to easyeda where I can make the order. In other works I would like to order the board
UserSupport 3 days ago
@EBCLR I upload to firefox send, [](
EBCLR 10 hours ago
@UserSupport Thankyou
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