How to solve the desktop client login with Google account appear not be secure issue
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UserSupport 1 year ago
If you login with Google account, it will show the client is not secure, please refer at this post [Can't login via Google Accout]( ![图片.png](// Please reset your password to get the password [Reset Password]( * 1.Hit password reset link above * 2.enter gmail email address and hit reset, keep track of your new password * log in "normally", typing in your gmail address and password, not hitting the "login with Gmail" button. * 4.this issue is Google blocks other browsers which is using the lower blink core, you can search this issue at Google
anthony.calia 1 year ago
Does this procedure require that you set a NEW gmail password or is all of this local to easyeada application?   I do not wish to change my Google password just for this, can someone answer this for me please?
UserSupport 1 year ago
@anthony.calia Using browser instead of desktop client
xordata 1 year ago
@UserSupport Same problem. In my case i can't work online. And i don't want change my password. When developers fixing this problem?
Guest 1 year ago
Same problem here. Using google, don't wonna change my password. Can't login anymore on desktop client.
Kimmo Lehto 11 months ago
The email address you have saved for me from the google login is somehow wrong. If my email was `[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])\` in my user page on easy eda "user central" I see my email address is \`[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])`. So I don't think password reset email will reach me. I have never used anything but the google login for easyeda.
andyfierman 11 months ago
@kimmo.lehto, I may have misunderstood your point but you can change your email address in the User Centre: []( ![image.png](//
Kimmo 11 months ago
@andyfierman Can't do that because I can't send the password reset link to a wrong email address. I don't have a password. I've only used the google login, the oauth2 flow has somehow set me a wrong email address.
Steven Chua 7 months ago
Finally working, Just need to click forgot password even though you did not register before, then click the link in the email reset and input new password! Vowlaaaa thats it now you can login via email method not by gooooogle
Петр Ч 4 months ago
Это просто какие-то костыли, но не решение проблемы. В таком случае нужно сразу предупреждать пользователей, что регистрируясь на сайте с помощью Гугл Аккаунта, нельзя войти в приложение установленное на компьютере. Или вообще уберите регистрацию с помощью Гугл Аккаунта.
LumenSun Led 3 months ago
its simple just login in web page via google then check your user name and password for easyeda then in application login via your user id and password
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