How to solve the desktop client login with Google account appear not be secure issue
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UserSupport 6 months ago
If you login with Google account, it will show the client is not secure, please refer at this post [Can't login via Google Accout]( ![图片.png](// Please reset your password to get the password [Reset Password]( * 1.Hit password reset link above * 2.enter gmail email address and hit reset, keep track of your new password * log in "normally", typing in your gmail address and password, not hitting the "login with Gmail" button. * 4.this issue is Google blocks other browsers which is using the lower blink core, you can search this issue at Google
anthony.calia 6 months ago
Does this procedure require that you set a NEW gmail password or is all of this local to easyeada application?   I do not wish to change my Google password just for this, can someone answer this for me please?
UserSupport 6 months ago
@anthony.calia Using browser instead of desktop client
xordata 4 months ago
@UserSupport Same problem. In my case i can't work online. And i don't want change my password. When developers fixing this problem?
Guest 4 months ago
Same problem here. Using google, don't wonna change my password. Can't login anymore on desktop client.
Kimmo Lehto 3 months ago
The email address you have saved for me from the google login is somehow wrong. If my email was `[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])\` in my user page on easy eda "user central" I see my email address is \`[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])`. So I don't think password reset email will reach me. I have never used anything but the google login for easyeda.
andyfierman 3 months ago
@kimmo.lehto, I may have misunderstood your point but you can change your email address in the User Centre: []( ![image.png](//
Kimmo 3 months ago
@andyfierman Can't do that because I can't send the password reset link to a wrong email address. I don't have a password. I've only used the google login, the oauth2 flow has somehow set me a wrong email address.
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