How to write the line on top of the pin names (the line that means NOT)
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jcabot 1 week ago
Hello there! I am designing my first PCB with EasyEDA, and I am having trouble writing the line on top of the pin names (that means NOT). For example, if I want to write ENA like that, how can I do it? Thanks! ![image.png](// PS: I know I can draw the line on top of the name, but I want to believe there is a better way.
andyfierman 1 week ago
In LTspice preceding a name by an underscore (for example, _ENA) works but I don't think that is implemented in EasyEDA. A preceding "/" may not work as I think that gets mis-parsed. A tilde character  "~" does not work as that gets mis-parsed. I usually put a lower case "n" at the end of the name. Some documentation I have seen uses a lower case "b" at the end of the name.
jcabot 1 week ago
Thanks for the tip!
jcabot 1 week ago
@andyfierman actually I just checked _ENA and it does not work. Maybe they will add this feature later on. Thanks again.
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