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How do I edit the netlist parameters of a symbol
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shane.kirkbride 10 years ago
In the easyEDA libs there is a BJT: 2DC2412R. I would like to edit the parameters for the ngspice simulation for this symbol. Can you tell me how to do this. What I would really like is an 2N2222A BJT and a MPF102 MOSFET in my netlist. Thanks, ~Shane
dillon 10 years ago
If you can find 2N2222A 's model ,you can add it in your design. follow bellow steps: 1. <> 2. example <>
example 10 years ago
We are working to provide a search function for the device simulation models available in EasyEDA. Right now there are a couple of ways to change the model for a device. i) Place a device from the EasyEDA Libs and then edit the device model name either in place or in the right hand properties panel. For instance, editing the model name of the default 2DC2412R model to 2N2222 will pull in the 2N2222 model from EasyEDA's spice model library. The trouble is until we get the search function up and running that is obviously too hit and miss for an arbitrary choice. ii) the second option is a bit more fiddly but allows you to run almost any unencrypted device model. Here's how: a) Find a spice model for your target device; b) Copy and paste it into a text placeholder (the T hotkey) in your schematic (but please respect the EULA and copyright of commercial files); c) In the right hand properties panel, change **text type**from **comment** to **spice**; d) place a symbol for the device from the EasyEDA Libs palette; e) edit the model name to the name of the model in the pasted file. f) done! There's an example of this here: <> This works fine for simple .model defined models. For .subckt defined models it is a little more complicated because you need to tell EasyEDA that the model is a .subckt and not a simple .model. There are some sections about this in the Tutorial here: <> <> <> except that in the case of, say a MOSFET, you may have to change the symbol spice prefix from M for a simple model defined part to X for a more complex .subckt defined part. Even some humble diode models are in fact subckt defined to include things like package parasitics: compare the 1N1418 and the 1N4148W-V models in the netlist. For copyright reasons, EasyEDA does not yet have a .model for the MPF102 NJFET but you may be able to find one to paste in to use with the default 2N5639 symbol: just edit the name to MPF102 and you're away.
shane.kirkbride 10 years ago
Thanks this looks helpful. I'll try these out today.. ~Shane
shane.kirkbride 10 years ago
This works. Thanks!
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