How to Zoom, Pan and change the border of a Schematic
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andyfierman 3 years ago
#### Zoom and Fit to Window: You can use the zoom/view button on the top toolbar or press the `K` Hotkey: ![enter image description here][1] Using a mouse with a scroll wheel, clicking on the schematic and rolling the wheel zooms in and out. #### Pan or Drag Right-click and hold or using the arrow keys allows you to drag the canvas around (Pan). #### Edit, delete or add a schematic drawing border ##### Edit the size You can edit the size of or delete the drawing border or frame too. Click anywhere in the information box in the lower right hand corner of the drawing border or frame to select it and to show the attributes in the right hand panel: ![enter image description here][2] ##### To delete `Del` to delete it. ##### To add a border or frame: ![enter image description here][3] or: ![enter image description here][4] #### Edit `Title`, `Rev`, `Date`, `Sheet` and `Drawn By` information in a schematic drawing border Each of these fields shows as blue in the Editor window. Clicking on any of the blue text selects in and it will highlight red when the mouse is moved out of the area of the information boxes. Highlighted text can be edited in the right hand `Text Attributes` panel. Double clicking on any blue text opens it for direct editing in the editor window. Clicking back on the canvas outside the text editing box enters the text into the field: ![enter image description here][5] [1]: /editor/20161118/582ee7ab33b4a.png [2]: /editor/20161118/582ee966280bf.png [5]: /editor/20170625/594fb9b83f46c.png [3]: /editor/20161118/582eea2b45717.png [4]: /editor/20161118/582eeaaed5073.png
JohnnyCheung 2 years ago
thanks a lot ! and I can modify the title thanks
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