How to change canvas, wire and symbol colours.
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andyfierman 2 years ago
### If you want to change the colours in a schematic and/or have changed the colours in a schematic and want to revert to your original set of colours. ### 如果要更改原理图中的颜色和/或已更改原理图中的颜色,并希望恢复为原始颜色。 Originally created to answer: The menu text is in Chinese but it is easy to see which menu option it is in other langauges... :) 1)原理图。 1) Original schematic. ![enter image description here][1] 2)如何更改画布(背景)颜色。 2) How to change the canvas (background) colour. ![enter image description here][2] 3)如何更换电线颜色。 3) How to change a wire colour. ![enter image description here][3] 4)如何更改netflag颜色。 4) How to change a netflag colour. ![enter image description here][4] 5)如何更改符号颜色。 5) How to change a symbol colour. ![enter image description here][5] 6)如何更改GND标志颜色。 6) How to change a GND flag colour. ![enter image description here][6] 7)更改画布颜色,然后保存(CTRL + S)文件。 7) Change the canvas colour then Save (CTRL+S) the file. ![enter image description here][7] 8)右键单击原理图文件以转到版本历史记录。 8) Right-click on the schematic file to go to the Version History. ![enter image description here][8] 9)点击具有原始颜色的上一个版本。 9) Click on the previous version that has the original colours. ![enter image description here][9] 10)早期版本在新的浏览器窗口中打开。 用唯一的名称保存它。 10) The earlier version opens in a new browser window. Save it with a unique name. ![enter image description here][10] [1]: /editor/20170712/59661844d5113.png [2]: /editor/20170712/5966185117c08.png [3]: /editor/20170712/5966185e2bfc2.png [4]: /editor/20170712/596618b21670c.png [5]: /editor/20170712/596618cdc11b9.png [6]: /editor/20170712/596618d8936c9.png [7]: /editor/20170712/596618e8ec2bb.png [8]: /editor/20170712/596618fd42c71.png [9]: /editor/20170712/5966190db3816.png [10]: /editor/20170712/5966191917d4a.png
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