How to create or edit a part and save it privately
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andyfierman 4 years ago
After creating any Schematic or Spice symbol or PCB footprint the user is prompted to save it to **My Parts**. All parts in everyone's **My Parts** folder are public so they are automatically shared with all EasyEDA users. This post describes a way to save a Schematic or Spice symbol or PCB footprint privately. The steps below are for a Schematic symbol but the process is essentially the same to create a new symbol or footprint from scratch or to edit any existing symbol or footprint. 1) For a symbol, open a **New Schematic** canvas. For a footprint, open a **New PCB** canvas; 2) Select and **Place** any symbol or footprint - from **EasyEDA Libs**, **My Parts** or a **SHIFT+F** library search - into the new canvas; 3) Give the canvas a unique name and save it into a **private** project; 4) Select the whole symbol, click on the **Group/Ungroup Symbol...** on the **Wiring Tools** palette and then drag a box to enclose the whole symbol; ![enter image description here][1] 5) Click on the canvas to exit the **Group/Ungroup Symbol...** tool mode; 6) The symbol has now been ungrouped so it is now just a collection of drawing elements which can be edited and moved around separately; 7) Edit the symbol using the **Drawing Tools** palette. Note that new pins can be added using the `P` Hotkey, the `Pin` button on the Wiring Tools palette or by copying and pasting existing pins. Pin Attributes can be edited in the right hand **Properties** panel; ![enter image description here][2] 8) When editing is complete, select the whole symbol then click on the **Group/Ungroup Symbol...** on the **Wiring Tools** palette; 9) In the **Group these items as a SCHLIB/Symbol** box that opens, enter the appropriate Prefix, Name and Package information; ![enter image description here][3] 10) Click OK. ![enter image description here][4] For a new symbol or footprint created from scratch, simply skip step (2) and draw the new part from the Drawing Tools palette and adding pins using the `P` Hotkey or the `Pin` button on the Wiring Tools palette. The new symbol can then be edited to add any extra attributes such as information to go into the BoM in the same way as any other symbol in a schematic. The new symbol or footprint can then be copied and pasted into any schematic or PCB as appropriate. Individual components can be saved to separate, named sheets or other symbols can be added to the same Schematic or PCB canvas. [1]: /editor/20151214/566daf3f0b831.png [2]: /editor/20151214/566db03874e3c.png [3]: /editor/20151214/566db0f8a2c14.png [4]: /editor/20151214/566db13ba9b79.png
SteveMann 2 years ago
How do SAVE the new part with the footprint??
Tutorials 2 years ago
@SteveMann If you clone it, you can save it as your own lib with the footprint. ![enter image description here][1] If you create a new part, you can update a package for it : [1]: /editor/20171216/5a34dcf9317a2.png
andyfierman 2 years ago
To edit a PCB Lib/footprint/package, please see: * Then edit the `package` attribute for your new schematic symbol to call up the new package. Save the change to the Symbol. Then, text time you SHIFT+F search for that Symbol, it will show up in the Parts browser window with the Symbol **and** the package.
andyfierman 2 years ago
Note that symbols and packages created this way will be publicly available. To create private collections please see: and answer to questions (2) in:
SteveMann 1 year ago
@Tutorials Thanks for the reply. I've been distracted by another project and will try the clone method shortly. Steve Mann
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