Import of LTspice .asy symbol files please.
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andyfierman 3 years ago
**Feature Request** Brief title for your desired feature: Support import of .asy symbol files from LTspiceIV How would you like the feature to work? When opening the `Import` dialogue the user is offered the option to import `LTspice schematic/symbol`. However, if the .asc schematic file is imported with either the `Import File` or the `Extract Libs` option ticked, only the .asc file is imported. If there is any symbol in the .asc schematic file that does not already exist in EasyEDA then the imported schematic will be incomplete (missing symbol). If a .asy symbol file is imported with either the `Import File` or the `Extract Libs` option ticked, the the message: `bad file type` is displayed. Why is this feature important to you? It should be possible to import an LTspiceIV schematic file and associated any symbols so that the imported schematic will be complete (no missing symbols).
andyfierman 3 years ago
The `Import file` or `Extract Libs` option has been removed but the import of LTspice .asy symbol files still fails: ![enter image description here][1] Is this on our roadmap to fix so that people can import LTspice schematics not to simulate but to convert to PCB? [1]: /editor/20170118/587f861a9f685.png
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