Importing image is simplified to being unusable
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thematthewknot 3 months ago
No matter the settings on the insert image to PCB it always simplifies down the image to be unusuable(notice the second horizontal line and the text) I've tried inputting svg/png/jpg all of varying size(from super small mm native size to 100in across) and it always get brought down in quality until it's not usable. Even the outside corners of this block go from smooth radius's to jagged. I can import dxf correctly however given there is no option to fill the dxf area it's just an outline which again is not usable if trying to create a silkscreen(as i'd like to do with this image). I've tried multiple images with the same results and easyEDA is the most current version. ![capture.jpg](//
JTBro 2 weeks ago
I agree. In the tutorial on their website for inserting an image, they claim you can insert an image with multiple colors. []( In the article linked above, it clearly states that you can import a full color image to your pcb. So far I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to do so. While I was surprised that they would offer such a seemingly frivolous function, they say that they do, but I can't get it to work. Now I want it to work, so I can make some sweet looking pcb's.
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
I think that is badly worded.. It means that you can import a colour image, not that it will be reproduced on the PCB as a colour image. Images on the PCB will only be produced in the colour of the layer it is imported into, i.e. copper, soldermask or silkscreen
thematthewknot 3 days ago
Color asaide, even in that linked article you can see the simplifying damaging the original image quiality a good deal look at the ED shape in the last picture compared to the blue imported image picture.
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