Improvements to Locating Nets on Schematic
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lynxlabeling 2 months ago
Locating nets and determining the name of a net from a wire in a schematic are often needed operations. 1\. In a previous version\, going to the design manager and clicking on a net name listed would highlight the wires belonging to the net on the schematic\. It no longer does so\, but instead\, the connecting pins are listed and clicking on one of them shows the pin\. While this feature may have some use\, losing the previous functionality is undesirable\.  I don't see any conflict between the previous behavior and the new behavior\, so please restore the previous feature of highlighting the schematic wires when selecting a net\. 2\. Clicking on a wire shows graphical information for the wire\, but not the net\. The net should also be shown in the Selected Objects pane\. This should be an easy feature to add\, and is a common operation in other schematic programs\.
UserSupport 2018-07-05 17:43:42
Hi 1、It is fixing at v5.7.x 2、It is show the attributes of the wire , not the net, can you give some images?
lynxlabeling 2018-07-10 02:36:05
Here is what it shows now (note, the net is VCC): ![image.png](// When I select a trace with net VCC in the PCB editor, it shows the net: ![image.png](// I would like to also see the net name in a similar fashion when selecting a wire in the schematic.
UserSupport 2018-07-10 14:31:49
The schematic is difference than PCB, if you want to check the wire's net, please use the design manager.
lynxlabeling 2018-07-11 11:48:14
That is the problem I am reporting. You can't click on a wire to see the net. You have to use the Design Manager to guess what the net is, and even then, with the current behavior, it doesn't highlight the net but only lists the component pins on the net. You have this feature in the PCB. It should be added to the schematic as well. Also, the design manager should highlight the net selected like it did in a previous version.
UserSupport 2018-07-11 21:33:38
At next big update, when click a net in design manager of the schematic, it will highlight all wires for this net. we will consider to add the net name when hover on the wire, but not show the net at its attribute panel. Thanks
lynxlabeling 2018-07-17 06:58:42
Thanks for that info. Adding the net name on hover would be a big improvement, but not as useful as showing it in the attribute panel when selecting a wire. Is there some reason to not show this information and being able to edit the net name in this manner?
UserSupport 2018-07-17 15:02:46
@lynxlabeling Because of the net name is calculated after the wires and pins connection, . It isn't generate automatically and realtime,  hover the wire and show the net name maybe hard to implement too.
lynxlabeling 2018-07-20 03:37:24
I can see how that may be a problem. Hover would be very difficult then. However, putting it in the attribute panel would still be possible in one of two ways: 1\. Best \- Show the field name and populate it via an ajax call once the calculation is made\. 2\. Alternate \- Provide a button that when clicked on does the calculation and shows the net in a pop\-up\. I understand there may be some difficulty in programming, but this is a sorely lacking feature in my opinion.
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