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Incomplete connection during DRC
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asyrafhakimi 1 week ago
Good day, I am new with this software and PCB drawing. I'm creating circuit for electrochemical reader. I'm having a problem on the DRC before I convert to a gerber file. It shows some connection errors and when I check at the schematic drawing, all the connections are complete, but until now I'm not so sure what is wrong with my PCB circuit. <span class="colour" style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34);">Attach together my document for your reference. Hope you guys can help me solve this problem.![connection error.png](//![schematic drawing.png](//</span>
andyfierman 1 week ago
"I am new with this software and PCB drawing." You have not chosen the easiest of projects from which to start learning about Schematic Capture and PCB design. :) The headline problem is that: * Yes you have converted your schematic to a PCB but;  * No you haven't routed any copper tracks. Those straight blue lines on your PCB are not copper tracks (How coud they be: they overlap!). : They are called Ratlines and they just show conductivity. * Also note that many of your decoupling capacitances appear to be: 1. assigned incorrect footprints (e.g C11 is 100nF but it appear to be assigned a footprint for an electrolytic capacitor of a much larger capacitance. This appears to be because you have (a) used an inappropriate (electrolytic) capacitor symbol for the smaller valued capacitors and (b) you have not properly checked your schematic before converting to PCB;  2. incorrectly placed so that they look nice on the PCB rather than being placed to optimise their intended function in the circuit. * Please read (2.2), (4) and (6) in (2) in: []( including following the links in (2.2) there to: **Understanding Ratlines** **Learn good PCB layout practice before just running the Autorouter!** **UPDATED: Po****wer supply decoupling and why it matters.** and following the checklists, (4) and (6). * U4 looks like it is placed over what may end up being an area of the board covered with a copper area. U4 is an RF tranceiver and needs to have the antenna in clear space over the edge of the PCB. You MUST read and pay special attention to the schematic and PCB advice for support circuitry, power supply decoupling, PCB layout, routing and component placement for this device. Failure to do so WILL result in poor or unreliable performance. See: Section 10 in: [https://www\.espressif\.com/sites/default/files/documentation/esp32\-wroom\-32\_datasheet\_en\.pdf](<br> <br> and study: [http://espressif\.com/sites/default/files/documentation/esp32\_hardware\_design\_guidelines\_en\.pdf](<br> <br> <br> <br>
andyfierman 6 days ago
Something weird happened with the Markdown in this: **"UPDATED: Po\*\*\*\*wer supply decoupling and why it matters\."** It should be: **"UPDATED: Power supply decoupling and why it matters."**
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