Inconsistent connection to pad on single-numbered multi-padded footprint
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andyfierman 11 months ago
I am working on a solution for the issue identified in this post: []( To do this I have made a copy of a user contributed PCB Footprint to remove some errors in how it is made and to convert the polygon that forms the antenna shape from a solid region to a pad. All four pads of the footprint are assigned the same number: 1. This is shown in the animation below: ![Antenna_footprint.gif](// The three lower pads are the pads needed for connections to the antenna. The fourth pad near the top of the antenna shape should not be connected to. I also made a suitable Schematic Symbol and then made a simple project and converted the schematic to a PCB: []( * The symbol creates no DRC errors in the schematic and when converted to a PCB, the footprint also does not create any DRC errors. * However, when routing the PCB it can be seen that there is a problem when trying to connect to the pads on the antenna. The first - and some times the second - time that a track is routed to one of the three pads on the lower edge of the footprints, the track snaps to the centroid of the nearest pad as expected. If the track or the last segment is modified or deleted then when the track can no longer be snapped to the nearest pad. Instead, the track jumps to the pad on the far side of the footprint as shown in the animation below: ![Antenna_routing_bug.gif](// When this happens, the only way to get the track to snap to the nearest (the desired pad) pad is to save the PCB and then do an F5 refresh. Therefore there is a bug that causes the behaviour of a later connection attempt to be different and incorrect when compared to the first or sometimes the second, correct attempt.
UserSupport 11 months ago
Hi It is normal behavior, when ungroup this footprint, and drag a pad, we will see it's origin, when you route the track it will auto snap to it, you can set snap as no to disable it. ![图片.png](//
UserSupport 11 months ago
Hi Got that, we will have a look. Thanks
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