Inconsistent handling of illegal characters.
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andyfierman 1 year ago
EasyEDA is not good at handling the use of characters in file and other names and fields. Here is one example. In response to a user post: [https://easyeda\.com/forum/topic/Package\_is\_not\_assigned\_Please\_assign\_a\_package\_\-DzLWwuGEC]( about a package error when converting a schematic to a PCB the problem was traced to a \`\-\` character in the package name\. The package clearly existed in the System library but was not being accepted by the PCB conversion process. To fix this I had to replace the \`\-\` character with a\`\_\` character in the package name\. (Note: I am not sure but I think the hyphen character used to be allowed in part names?) Another example has been where a user has submitted a Gerber archive with a filename created from a Project in EasyEDA has a \`&\` character in it\. []( Uploading this archive to the JLCPCB Gerber Viewer failed but uploading to the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer worked OK. The problem is that EasyEDA allows the creation of Gerber zip archives with special characters in the name and the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer accepts and opens them. The JLCPCB viewer, however, does not. I haven't checked what gerbv does. * The behaviour of filename assignments and acceptance in EasyEDA should be consistent with standard practice and should be the same across all parts of the tool suite, including interfaces and interactions with LCSC and JLCPCB. * User warnings should be generated when illegal characters are entered as filenames or in some other fields such as netnames.
UserSupport 1 year ago
Hi Andy, I can't repeat the '-' character in package title issue. The _TPS61240DRVR_ show the red alert at the footprint manager, because of the package title of the server is "_WSON-6_"(can check the puuid at schematiclib EasyEDA source), but the package of the TPS61240DRVR is _DRV6-1600X1000TP, _ if re-update the package for the _TPS61240DRVR_ can solve this issue. I don't know why the PCBlib title has changed to "WSON-6". so the package of the _TPS61240DRVR _doesn't match the PCBlib title, even they have the same ID, the footprint manager will check this situation. you can open it via the ID: [!b45bded3465846879e5edc825c20c8ee](|!b45bded3465846879e5edc825c20c8ee) ![snipaste_20180522_092655.png](// sorry for this issue to confuse you. I think If we clone a new PCBlib will be better than change its title directly, because of maybe some users have used this PCBlib already. :) For this case, I prefer to re-update the package to WSON-6, and then change the PCBlib title back. :) many thanks
andyfierman 1 year ago
All, I have changed the package from DRV6_1600X1000TP back to DRV6-1600X1000TP and assigned this package back to the TPS61240DRVR schematic symbol. This symbol now passes into PCB with no errors. The DRV6_1600X1000TP package is still in the library so users can either keep the symbol already in their schematic or replace the schematic symbol in their design with the latest version, save it and then update their PCB. Sorry about the confusion. :)
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