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Is there a way to align one component against another, leaving the other one alone?
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wm8s 1 week ago
I often need to have one object hold still while I align one or more others to the one that shouldn't move.  Some CAD programs align all of the latter-selected objects to the first-selected object.  Some allow you to lock one object, then align one or more unlocked objects to the locked one.  But I can't get EasyEDA to do either of these, or in any other way align one object to another without moving them both. The most obvious method would be to allow aligning unlocked objects to locked ones, with only the  unlocked ones moving.  But I can't even describe what it does if I try to align an unlocked object to a locked one; it doesn't seem to do anything useful. Thanks! ...R BTW, I'm aware of this post, which wasn't ever resolved; I think he asked the same thing. [](<br> <br>
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