It takes 2 minutes for the interval in every simulation.
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Tutorials 1 year ago
If you simulate the design and the editor show the message "**It takes 2 minutes for the interval in every simulation.**", please wait 2 minutes for the interval, and try again. Because of the simulation will spend CPU resource, and our server resource-limited , we must set this rule to guarantee it is running well for every user. As before we set the rule is 50 times per user a day, at now that is 60/2x24=720 times per user a day. In the future, we will provide the local simulator, like the local auto router.
Thoughtyness 9 months ago
Why not give every active client a CPU limit? That way there isn't a 2-minute delay between simulations, and more complex ones take longer. This would be even easier to implement if you are using AWS.
UserSupport 9 months ago
@Thoughtyness EasyEDA is free now, we can not use too many server to support simulation. please wait 2 minutes
Justus Wingert 7 months ago
Why can't you just run it locally? It works perfectly fine with the autorouting...
Vincent de Rooij 5 months ago
Just trying to get a square wave source working (one component, one output). This 2 minute is unbearable.
Mohamed El Sayed 5 months ago
@beoras I'm working on Linux and I got EasyEDA for Linux but the 2 minutes limit is still there, do u have any idea about how to force it to run the simulation on my CPU rather than the server?
andyfierman 5 months ago
@tomalivi, Please see the Simulation Tutorial for help on setting up voltage and current sources and much more.
andyfierman 5 months ago
@m.elsayed4420, Sorry but you cannot run simulations locally from within EasyEDA. However, the simulation engine for EasyEDA is Ngspice: []( You could install Ngspice and then export your spice netlist from a simulation schematic created in EasyEDA and run it on your local installation of Ngspice. You need to read the installation notes in the Ngspice manual carefully to set it up.
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