LCSC component search is not working anymore
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Marius Motea 1 week ago
Hi, I cannot add new LCSC components (also JLCPCB SMT parts) anymore, when searching for Cxxxxx it always provide 0 results. Example: C25756 witch is a 15KΩ resistor. Marius.
wuqimei 1 week ago
@[Marius Motea]( We are working on it. Thanks for your report. :)
UserSupport 1 week ago
Hi We fixed it now, Thank you for the report!
Marius Motea 1 week ago
I confirm it is working now. Thanks.
Marius Motea 6 days ago
This issue strike back today.
ChLachapelle 5 days ago
@marius.motea I get this issue all the time. The quickest work around I found that works both within the library search and during the BOM part assignment is to: 1- Find the part in LCSC catalogue by Cxxxxx pat number (e.g C108820) 2- Look at the category path e.g. [Diodes/Diodes - Rectifiers - Fast Recovery]( 3- Go back to the library search (in separate browser tab) and remove anything (if any) in the search box 4- Click on  "JCLPCB Assembled" button 5- Select the category path found under step 2 above 6- Sort the library result by "Package" 7- Scroll until the package is found and click on those that the MFG  and package match (e.g. Shandong Jingdao and SOD-123F) until I see the proper supplier code (e.g C108820) down below Lost so much time trying to do it the other way, now I am sticking to the above method.
UserSupport 4 days ago
@ChLachapelle we will solve this issue in two weeks thanks
ChLachapelle 4 days ago
@UserSupport Thank you, I really appreciate the services that you and your company are offering. Please be assured that this was not criticism, simply trying to help others benefit from this service.
Dear @UserSupport I also faced with this problem a few days ago. Search is working only for System() and User Contributed(): ![image.png](// I checked it onto 2 PC, also I tried to clear cookies. Problem didn't gone.
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