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LM3404 24V input -> 12V 0.9A output dimming by ESP32S3
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tresler 3 weeks ago
Please can you help me someone? I'm out of ideas. I am trying to make power supply for 12V 0.9A LED white chip dimming with ESP32S3 by 24V power supply. I use LM3404HVMA/NOPB. I progressed by [this tutorial]( with [this schematic]( and change values by [this calculator]([.]( So I have this schematic, but nothing happen. ESP runs fine there is no problem. I have still output about 4.5V and no reaction for dimming and no reaction for enable jumper. Can have anyone idea what I am doing wrong? ![LM3404-ESP32s3-schematic.png](//
andyfierman 3 weeks ago
Sorry but your screenshot shows an incomplete schematic and you have not shown the PCB. You refer to an "Enable" jumper but there are two jumpers in tour screenshot. Which is it and where does the left hand end of R1 connect to? Where is the specification (datasheet) of your white led? Your project is private so only you can see it. For help, please make a public copy of your project and post the link to the whole public project here. [](
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