Merging Networks doesn't actually merge them
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wzochert 2 months ago
If you connect 2 separate networks, it asks you if you want to merge them.  If you say yes, it doesn't actually merge them. Steps to reproduce. Place a 1x10 header layout on a new PCB. connect the first 5 pads as one network. connect the last 5 pads as a different network. connect the middle two pads.  Say yes, to merge the networks. Observe that all 10 pads are NOT on the same network. Set Board Outline so you can run auto-router. run auto-router. observer that all 10 pads are not connected.
andyfierman 2 months ago
Issue confirmed. Net merge seems to be broken. Here's an 8 way header. 4 pins connected to one net. 4 pins connected to a different net: ![image.png](// Here's what happens after joining pins 4 and 5 and answering Yes to merge the nets: ![image.png](// ![image.png](// ![image.png](// ![image.png](//
MikeDB 2 months ago
Why do you want to merge nets on the PCB anyway ?  Shouldn't that be done on the schematic and then imported ?
example 2 months ago
@MikeDB, That's absolutely true but the feature still exists in EasyEDA to allow the creation of a PCB directly without the creation of a schematic from which to convert to PCB. I personally think that this feature should be removed because not following the [EasyEDA Design Flow]( \- which is based on industry best practice \- [creates all sorts of problems]( and bad habits but as long as it does exist, it should work. In testing this situation however, I have found a potential problem when using the **Create schematic > Convert to PCB > Change Schematic > Update PCB...** process. I will post a separate Bug Report about this. :)
wzochert 2 months ago
I'm just doing hobbyist designs.  I just do the design straight in the PCB without a schematic.
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