Model of simulation of LM3886

  jacalama, 4 months ago

Very good morning, I would like to do a question to you. The model of simulation of LM3886 is available (Amplificador). There am it been looking for and I have not found it.
Thank you very much and a greeting.
Jose Antonio.



Hi Jose,

Welcome to EasyEDA.

Sorry but this is a tricky one.

Both TI (Pspice and TINA) models are encrypted so cannot be used in EasyEDA.

There is an unencypted Pspice model available - which could be modified to run in EasyEDA - but it seems that both the encrypted and unencypted models appear to be faulty anyway.

There is another independently developed model that appears to be based on the Equivalent Schematic in:

However, this Equivalent Schematic is simplified and omits quite a lot of information about current sources and output transistor model parameters.

A quick look at this model shows that it is unlikely to accurately represent the device performance and that it is incomplete since it excludes the protection circuitry that is omitted from the Equivalent Schematic.

  • Depending on how much you need to simulate the LM3886 there are a number of options open to you.
  1. Install a copy of the free TINA-TI and use the TINA model being aware that is may completely misrepresent the supply currents and possibly other parameters;

  2. Install a copy of the free LTspice and use the unencrypted Pspice model model being aware that is may completely misrepresent the supply currents and possibly other parameters (unfortunately the LTspice schematic import for PCB creation is currently unavailable in EasyEDA);

  3. Create or edit a suitable library symbol to create a Spice Symbol to use the independently developed model in EasyEDA being aware that is may misrepresent the real device performance and does not model output protection;

  4. Contact me directly for a quote to create a behavioural model based on the TI datasheet that can be used in EasyEDA. Unfortunately spice model development is a time consuming task and so will be quite expensive and for this device may still not accurately represent the fine detail of noise and distortion performance.

Thank you very much by the information.
A greeting.

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