Mosfet subcircuit LTspice netlist problem
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cpeniche 3 months ago
I'm triying to use Mosfet spice models from vendors to use in simulation. Most of them are in the form of subcircuits. When I insert the symbol in the schematic and modifiy the spice pin numbers to what is defined in the subcircuit the Lt spice netlist doesn't recognize numbers different than 1 2 3 and instead populate the node with NoNet. Below is an example of the Lt spice netlist with NoNet entries even with the component spice pins modified to match the ones in the subcircuit. \*\* Sheet\_1 \*\* V2 V2_1 GND 5 R6 V2\_1 R6\_2 1K V1 V1_1 GND PULSE(0 5 0 0 0 .01 .02) AC 0 0 X1 NoNet NoNet R6\_2 BSS123\_ZTX .tran 0 100m 0 1m *ZETEX  BSS123 Spice Model v1.0 Last Revision 27/3/06     *     .SUBCKT BSS123_ZTX 3 4 5     * NODES: DRAIN GATE SOURCE     M1 3 2 5 5 MOD1     RG 4 2 356     RL 3 5 1E8     C1 2 5 21.5P     C2 3 2 2.5P     D1 5 3 DIODE1     *     .MODEL MOD1 NMOS VTO=1.736 RS=2.147 RD=1.682 IS=1E-15 KP=0.157     +CBD=25.5P PB=1     .MODEL DIODE1 D IS=6.12E-13 RS=.629     .ENDS BSS123     *     *$     * <br> <br> <br> <br>
andyfierman 3 months ago
Please make your project public as the netlist alone does not give enough information to understand the issue.
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