Mounted should carry over from schematic to PCB

  ideaman4u, 4 months ago


Concise problem statement: The MOUNTED custom attribute does not carry over from schematic to PCB. Ver. 4.8.5

Steps to reproduce bug:





Expected results: I would think this would make sense.




This is not a bug, we just design as this. If need, maybe this is a feature



I think you misunderstand what the MOUNTED attribute is for.

The MOUNTED attribute is a Bill of Materials (BoM) attribute.

  • It is not a PCB attribute.

It is used to indicate if a component is to be mounted on the PCB when it is assembled.

To illustrate by example, suppose you have a PCB with a microcontroller that is user programmed for the prototype PCBs but in production, the micro is supplied pre-programmed by the manufacturer.

The prototype PCBs will need a programming header connector and may need another connector for debugging purposes but the production PCBs do not need them fitted.

  • The point here is that the prototype and the production boards are built using exactly the same PCB.

They both have the same PCB footrpints and tracks on them. They just have different parts fitted according to the Bill of Materials (BoM).

So for the prototype PCBs, the BoM is run with the MOUNTED attribute for all the parts including the programming and debug headers set to Yes but for the production PCB, the BoM is re-run with the MOUNTED attribute for these two headers changed to No.

If you try to make the MOUNTED attribute a PCB attribute then you in effect are implying that the PCB with the MOUNTED attribute set to Yes will be made with PCB footprints and tracking for all the mounted parts whilst a PCB made with the MOUNTED attribute for some of parts set to No will be made with those PCB footprints and associated tracking, not present.

  • Therefore by changing the MOUNTED attribute you would be designing two different PCBs.

That does not make sense because these are in fact, two different PCB projects not one with two stages in its lifecycle simply indicated by the status of the MOUNTED attribute in the BoM.


You were correct. I did not fully understand the term Mounted. Thanks for the clarification.

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