Multiple PCBs with different Schematics in one Project
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tachchen 1 year ago
When working on bigger Projects that require multiple different PCBs with their own schematic, i always have to create multiple Projects to handle that. I think it would be more convenient to be able to create multiple schematics and assign each one their own PCB within the same Project. As an alternative it would be nice to be able to create folders where you can place all (sub)projects that belong to one (master)project.
dogancoruh 1 year ago
I think "creating folders" choice will be applied by EasyEDA after a while... :) Because schematic mechanism has built on which one single schematic file with multiple sheets assigned to single pcb file...
JTBro 1 year ago
Please implement this. It makes no sense that it wasn't this way from the start.
Chris DePrisco 1 year ago
Yes, I've been looking for a way to do this for days and just found this topic. I was very surprised to see this wasn't the default behavior.  Each schematic should link to its own PCB.  Multiple pages in a single schematic would all still be linked to the same PCB but it seems that making a new "sheet" in the bottom left cornet simply makes a new schematic - and all schematics in a project are all lumped together in one PCB, which is weird. Think of it like Excel.  A single file has multiple sheets but they are all contained in one file.  The same behavior I would have expected here.  A project can contain as many schematics as you wish, each linked to their own PCB.  If you want multiple schematics for one PCB, you can create multiple sheets in one schematic - like in Excel. But there needs to be a simple way to have a project with multiple PCBs.  Right now I have a project that consists of three PCBs.  I have to have all three PCBs laid out next to each other in the PCB file and they are all trying to connect with ratlines and complain that they aren't connected every time I import changes or do anything else. I'm seeing now that the only solution is to have them each in a different project file, but that's not correct.  They are all part of the same project; they should all be in the same project folder.
Retroverkstaden 1 year ago
I agree! I just wanted to do this and found this thread. I have a project with two sheets. In my mind, I thought that meant I could create two different PCB layouts, but no. Every sheet is smacked into one PCB layout. The boards connect together in the final installation with a piece of wire in between. So I guess, I have to create a new project just to make the second PCB by itself? Not ideal!
andyfierman 1 year ago
What if the "Project" folders for individual PCBs and associated schematics could be placed in a single "Product" folder? I think the folder names may need to change to better represent this usage. The top folder probably should be the "Project" but I would not want to see what at the moment are called the "Project" folders renamed as "PCB" folders because not all schematics end up being converted to PCBs. For example I create a lot of simulation schematics which are not intended to be converted to PCBs. Perhaps the lower folders should just be called "Sub-project" or "Design"
lbwa 1 year ago
I don't understand why this is not standard. The system supports multiple PCBs, but maybe someone is using this for versioning. (?) At the moment when I update the PCB design, I have to remove all the unwanted components from my other schematics in the project - and then manually remove them from my BOM file also.
GerritMax 1 year ago
Basicaly like this. That way you can store every schematic / pcb from one project in one main folder. ![folder in folder.jpg](//
EdHayes3 2 months ago
There seems to be several posts on subfoldfers. This is the most active. I'd like to see this feature too. @GerritMax Packard Bell? I haven't heard about that brand in probably 15 years. Trip down memory lane! e-Machine anyone? ha!
andyfierman 2 months ago
FWIW, according to Wikipedia, both Packard Bell and eMachines were acquired by Acer in 2007/ 2008. The eMachines brand was discontinued in 2013.
Michael McAdam 4 weeks ago
I agree, would be good to maintain multiple PCB's linked to different schematics in the same project. +1
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