Net and Part naming conventions
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andyfierman 3 years ago
Updated 171009 ### Net naming. In EasyEDA schematics and PCB designs, nets can be named using netlabels and netflags (and using volprobes in simulation schematics). When naming nets in EasyEDA however, it is recommended to use **only** alphanumeric characters. `A` to `Z`, `a` to `z`, `0` to `9` and the `_` underscore character are OK. Other characters may cause problems. In particular, they can cause the Autorouter to fail but with no error message (Thanks to Support on 171009 for highlighting that). Spaces are not allowed. ### Part naming. During schematic capture in EasyEDA, Part names are used to form the root of automatically assigned net names. Therefore it is also recommended to use only the characters described above in part names as well as in net names. Names of Spice Symbols must be **identical** to their associated spice models and can **only** contain the characters described above. This may require that third parts models are renamed to comply with this requirement. ### Names are not case sensitive. Note also that in EasyEDA (and in spice simulations), text is **case insensitive** so for example, a net name `mynet` is identical to `MyNet`. ### The Tilde character `~` Note that in particular, the Tilde character `~` must not be used in text in a Schematic, Symbols, PCB or Footprints since it is interpreted as part of the syntax of a JSON file.
Tutorials 2 years ago
Net naming :Other characters may cause problems: will cause the failure of the auto router and without any error massege.
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