Network Erros when saving

  Terraformer, 8 months ago


Concise problem statement:
Saving PCB fails most of the time, sometimes for hours. Problem exists for two days now.

Steps to reproduce bug:

  1. Login

  2. Change PCB

  3. Try to save as PCB

Results: Most of the time (90% or so) I get "Network error". Sometimes I cannot save for hours.
Note: saving as PCB Module seems to work most of the time, even when saving as PCB fails.

Expected results: Save PCB without problems.

Browser: Opera 45

My network connection is ok. Ping to around 26 ms, 0% packet loss.



Thanks for pointing at the Desktop Client. I'll have a look.


I think my "network error" problems while saving when using the online editor are related to the low speed of my computer (1.7GHz). My first project, crowded 100*100mm PCB, takes over 20 seconds to load and photo view takes exactly 70 seconds.
So I guess the network connection times out. Maybe this can be fixed easily through adjusting the server-client timeout for customers with slow hardware?
Besides that the online editor is really great :)


I think your internet is slow. maybe the desktop client is the best way for you.
desktop client is also online editor.


We are sure we wil adjust the time.


Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late answer! I'll give feedback how it works.

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