New Feature - Change net name
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lynxlabeling 1 year ago
I find I need to change net names from time to time. Currently, this must be done in schematic label by label. On the PCB, trace by trace. This is what it would look like: In Schematic & PCB under Design Manager Sidebar, provide either of the following: 1.  A pencil/edit icon when clicked on makes the net name editable 2\. A right\-click menu for a net name that allows the name to be edited When the name is thus changed, it changes it for all occurrences of that net in the schematic or PCB respectively. In addition, an optional, lesser crucial feature would be to automatically update the net name in the related PCB when it is changed in the schematic (or vice-versa). A dialog box may be used to confirm the change.
fabiano.riccardi 1 year ago
Yeah this would be a great and very useful addition, it recalls the well-known feature in modern IDE like Visual Studio (Code) to rename functions, classes with a single click
andyfierman 1 year ago
@lynxlabeling , @fabiano.riccardi, This feature already exists using the right-click **Find Similar** tool: Net names in a Schematic: ![image.png](// Edit the **Name** in the right hand panel and all instance of the name will change. Net names in a PCB: ![image.png](// Edit the **Net** in the right hand panel and all instances of the name will change.
fabiano.riccardi 1 year ago
Sorry, I missed such advanced panel. I was looking for an direct click only for refactoring net label.
UserSupport 4 months ago
maybe you can try this extension [](
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